Requirements for the manuscripts layout

All visual elements in the manuscript (such as graphics, diagrams, charts, algorithms, photographs and screenshots) should be marked with the note “Picture” and should have consecutive numbering. The picture’s numerical order and title should be set under the picture.

Such visual elements as photographs and screenshots should be presented as self contained file with the size not less than 500 KB.

Other visual elements such as graphics, diagrams, charts and algorithms should be sent as self contained file which allows editing.

Requirements for the calculation format

When the calculations are prepared in written works it is needed to avoid the description in the text if it is possible. Instead of it, it is necessary to use analytical tables where the comprehensive view of calculation stages, units of measurement and results’ structure is conceivable.

Requirements for the tables’ format

The tables should have consecutive numbering. The table’s numerical order and title should be set above the table. It is necessary to avoid the big volume of text in the table if it is possible. Instead of it, the author can use arbitrary symbols and abbreviations.

Requirements for the formulae’s format

The formulae should be placed as separate lines in the centre of the sheet or within text rows. It is recommended to place short, simple and non significant formulae in the text. The most important formulae as well as long and complicated ones which contain summation, product, differentiation and integration signs should be placed in separate lines.

The signs and numerical factors explanation which are included in formula should be placed directly under the formula (if they have not been explained in the text before). The explanation of each sign should be placed as a new line in such consequence as signs are used in the formula. The first line of the explanation should start from the word “where” without two-spot after it.

All formulae should be numbered. The numbers should be in Arabic numeral in round brackets near the right page border.

Formulae should be prepared with the help of formula editor “Microsoft Equation”. It is forbidden to provide the formula as a picture. It is necessary to use only Latin and Greek letters, Arabic numbers and mathematical signs in formulae.

Requirements for the abbreviations’ format

 The first usage of abbreviation should be pointed in round brackets after the full name. Then they should be used in the text without the expansion. If there are terms in English and the article is in Russian, it is necessary to give the translation.

 Requirements for the links’ and references’ format

The materials in the references list should be placed in alphabetical order. It is necessary to place the authors’ surnames and titles (if the author is not pointed) strictly alphabetically. While formatting the references list it is needed to point all book essential elements: it is author’s surname and name, book title, publisher’s imprint and the number of pages. For the articles, which are published in periodical it is necessary to point out the publication name, the volume number, the year and tenable pages. In case of the usage of electronic resources as the references, it is needed to point out the link in round brackets after main requisites. They are the author and the title.

If the author repairs to citation the quote should be placed in quotation marks. Then it is necessary to point the link to the reference in the references list and the page number, where the cited text can be found, in square brackets.  If there is a link to the reference without the quotation it is enough to point the author’s surname and the year in round brackets in compliance with the reference list.

Requirements to the articles’ abstracts

The manuscripts provided to the editorial staff should include the abstract which consists of 150-300 words (it is about 2000 characters with the spaces) with the following structure:

  1. The justification of the investigation relevance;
  2. The explicit statement of the problem or the list of main questions which come under review in the article;
  3. The short summary for the used methodology;
  4. The concise treatment of  main conclusions and research results.

[1] the author’s personal identification code in SCIENCE INDEX.

For more details see

[2] The keywords should contain the information concerning the investigation field (inventory management, procurement, warehousing), concepts/technologies (cross doсking, VMI, CPFR), research tools and methods (simulation modelling, enquiry-inquiry, ABC analysis, analytic hierarchy process), the investigation object and subject (trade, industry, logistic services, transport infrastructure, stock, service, costs). The editorial staff reserves the right to change the keywords to the article.


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