MAGAZINE  №3 (92) June 2019

AUTHOR SERGEEV I.V. - Cand. of Eс. Sc., Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems and Technologies in Logistics, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Analytics and reviews  Controlling Information technologies in logistics and SCM  Retail companies’ corporate logistics


The article shows the relevance of reliable control and monitoring of processes in re-tail supply chains. We consider terminological aspects, general problems and the benefits of effective supply chain monitoring (SCMo). The article analyzes the main drivers of con-trol and monitoring of retail supply chains. The evolution of control systems and monitoring of operations in supply chains based on the concept / methodology of the Supply Chain Con-trol Tower (SCCT) is considered. It is shown that from a historical perspective, the concept of SCCT has passed through four stages (generations): from version SCCT 1.0 to SCCT 4.0. Each generation of the Control Tower is described in detail from the standpoint of functio-nality, advantages, limitations, and software and technological implementation. In terms of methodology, the importance of ensuring traceability and end-to-end (Е2Е) visibility of the supply chain for monitoring retail supply chains has been proved. The article analyzes sig-nificant factors affecting the traceability of the supply chain, as well as characteristics, technical standards and cloud technologies. The visibility of the supply chain of a chain retail operator is illustrated by the example of the cloud platform of the companies Nexus GT and Infor.

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MAGAZINE №6(89) December 2018



MILOV A.S. - Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Inventory management  Retail companies’ corporate logistics


The application of cluster analysis requires serious advance preparation of business processes of profit companies' trade networks. But the benefits appearing after its implementation are unique.

  • There is the only practical opportunity to manage the assortment and improve the forecasting accuracy with the minimal availability of sales statistics on product stock keeping units or its total absence. This is especially true for both collector assortment with its annual rotation and new positions of traditional and seasonal assortment.
  • Subject to prompt performance of management and forecasting tasks it is possible to run down to the level of maximum detailing for each point of trade network realization, (and (or) each customer) and each commodity stock keeping unit. At this level traditional methods of assortment management do not work because of the high speed of decision making.
  • It becomes possible to automate the proposed processes in partnership with experts and neural network algorithm, for each realization place, which is an important task for trade networks for the purposes of «PSM technology». Taking into consideration a high level of processes detailing and traffic it is an extremely important achievement.

It became possible to create a unique assortment matrix for each point of purchase of goods (and (or) for each customer) and manage it online. This benefit allows to satisfy customers' demands better and, as a result, increase the financial flow of the company massively. Additional options of assortment management at the operational level have been received as a useful bonus

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