MAGAZINE  №2 (91) April 2019



GRIGORIEV L.Y. - Director Generale, Business Engineering Group (St. Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY Analysis in logistics and SCM


To optimize logistics activities the article develops an architectural approach to the design of the business system operating model in the context of its main stages – the identification of strategic requirements, the construction of a system of top-level processes (value chains) and models of functional systems. The model is based on a conceptual map of logistics activities.
A review of the materials of the state of the organization of logistics activities in Russia is carried out, showing that at most enterprises the logistics service is not endowed with integrating functions of flow management.
A universal normative template for building activity systems is proposed; based on this template, on the example of a particular enterprise, the procedure of architectural modelling of the logistics system is given.
Functional logistics systems are considered as a complex of competence Centers, which allows us to further consider the owner of the functional system of "logistics management", while giving him the appropriate authority as a Manager ensuring the integrative nature of all components of the logistics system of the enterprise.
Thus, the architectural model creates a platform for the integration of logistics activities of the organization, which leads to a systemic effect (due to coherence growth of all elements).
This, in turn, gives a sharp increase in business efficiency, and also serves as the basis for designing the optimal organizational structure and digital transformation of this area of activity.

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