Improving Supply Logistics Efficiency Based on Blockchain Technology

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MAGAZINE  №3 (98) June 2020


CATEGORY  Information technologies in logistics and SCM Simulation modelling Sourcing



The economic feasibility of using Blockchain technology in procurement procedures still raises a number of questions for managers and employees of companies that plan to implement this technology to solve the problems of departments involved in procurement activities. A number of Russian and foreign works devoted to application of Blockchain technology in the given direction in any way do not touch a question of economic substantiation of using this technology, though point at perspective of its application. The work reviews existing information decisions on the basis of Blockchain technology in the field of logistics and supply chain management and calculation of economic efficiency of Blockchain technology use at carrying out purchasing procedures by means of simulating the modeling process of purchases in AnyLogic software environment.


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 Keywords: Blockchain smartcontract procurement sourcing information technology simulation simulation modelling simulation model AnyLogic

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