Digital Transformation of Transport and Logistics Processes

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MAGAZINE  №1 (96) February 2020


CATEGORY  Education in Logistics and SCM Information technologies in logistics and SCM Logistic services market  Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM






The article deals with a number of problems that arise during digital transformation of transport and logistics processes.


The study of the problems of forming new business processes for managing transport and logistics segments of the market in modern conditions of the digital economy is extremely relevant. The emergence of a new industry-digital logistics requires creation and implementation of adequate organizational and methodological approaches, both on the part of the state and business. With obvious threats of control loss, the potential for national digital logistics is huge. 


Considering processes of supply chain management from the point of view of transport forwarding, the author makes a conclusion about the need for an adequate response of domestic logistics to the rapidly changing forms of the market. Special attention is paid to the issues of digital transformation of the industry, the study of global and domestic experience in implementing digital economy technologies in real transport and logistics business processes.  New technologies and mechanisms of digital transformation are global, they concern the whole world, all segments of the economy. Exploring the experience of creating new digital agendas that revise existing regulatory norms of old economic processes, the author suggests that there is no need to copy outdated standards. The idea of advanced localization of modern world trends in order to meet the new economic paradigm is formulated.  The author concludes that insufficient attention is paid to creating the necessary innovative climate to support advanced ideas in the first place, and not only implemented business projects.  The article emphasizes that new management services for digital transformation can only be designed with integrated competencies.


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 Keywords: digital economy digital transformation digital platform digital logistics transport platform transport system

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