Methodological aspects of organizational chart development for transport industry digital platform

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MAGAZINE  №6 (95) December 2019


CATEGORY  Logistic infrastructure Logistic services market Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM




 The article is devoted to the consideration of several organizational and methodological issues of creating a digital platform for the transport complex, concerning the problems of analysis and accounting for risks that arise when integrating competencies for the formation of information and logistics services. The issues that the authors explore in this article are highly relevant when creating digital services on the transport platform based on the integration of several technological products belonging to different owners.  Detailing possible risks is necessary for their subsequent mitigation by the organizational and technological infrastructure of the digital platform.


The authors consider the relationships that arise between the fundamental elements of the digital platform: the basic product of the platform, digital services and their sales processes. Various categories of the basic product, an intangible asset, without which a complex of digital services cannot be built within the digital platform, is analyzed. The study examines the dependence of an intangible asset on the assets of tangible and human carriers of this asset, as well as the risks that arise in this case.


The research is based on the methodology of conceptual analysis of designing complex socio-economic forms and organizational structures, which was successfully tested when creating the aerocity information and logistics center at Sheremetyevo international airport.


The use of the methodological approach outlined by the authors allows minimizing the risks that arise during the development of digital services by developing appropriate contractual forms and technologies that make up the digital platform repository, as well as selecting appropriate organizational and legal mechanisms for creating functional components of the transport platform.  a recommendation is given for creating an innovative center of the digital platform in the organizational and legal form of a non-commercial partnership with purpose of effective practical integration of competencies.


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 Keywords:  digital transformation digital economy digital logistics digital platform transport platform


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