The Sustainability Assessment and Logistic Risks Identification in Supply Chains

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MAGAZINE №6 (77) December 2016

AUTHOR  DUDINSKAYA M.V. - graduate student, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  The uncertainty and risks in supply chains


Recently the importance of logistic risks management problem is increasing. The number of publications connected with such problems as the assessment of the logistic risk event consequences and logistic risks management effectiveness is growing. The effectiveness is interrelated with the reliability, sustainability and other terms which have close meaning. Meanwhile, there is not a consistent approach to the systematization and structuring of these terms up to now. Their essesnce understanding is crucial for the approach development concernint the logistic risks management effectiveness evaluation in supply chaind and supply chain diagnostics for the purpose of risks identification. In this article the attempt to systematize the main elements of the term “supply chain sustainability” is made. Moreover, the types and response characteristics of supply chains on disturbing actions are given. The main directions of supply chain sustainability evaluation are determined and the logistic risks identification procedure in iron and steel companies’ supply chains is suggested and demonstrated.  


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