Interaction between logistics department and other company's departments during customer service policy elaboration

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MAGAZINE №1 (72) February 2016


CATEGORY Logistics integration and coordination Logistics services Management 


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of business units interaction developing a flexible customer service policy to provide logistics services. Logistic service represented by specific services, related to the material flow and logistic infrastructure use, is regarded as one of the customer service component.
The process of service policy elaboration carried out in close cooperation between logistics and other related departments of the company is presented in two forms. The overall structure of the procedure reflects the logic of service provision to customers by logistics department. Detailed presentation of each step in the procedure clarifies responsibilities of the departments prescribing implemented actions and expected results of each step. The procedure emphasis the focus on the system of logistics service development the base of which is an approach how to develop standards of logistics service. Standards of logistics service take into account the restrictions on the logistics service provision and are the basis for the calculation of logistics tariffs. The paper argues the necessity of time-totime analysis of the adopted customer service policy that can be changed not only by commercial departments, but also by logistics department being the result of logistics service activities optimization.
The specific attention of the article is paid to the examination of cross-functional interaction in the company of logistics provider during of the expansion of the logistics service system portfolio by innovative proposals. Not only step by step procedure of designing an innovative portfolio of logistics services, but also the management structure of the logistics provider is described.


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