MAGAZINE  №3 (98) June 2020


CATEGORY  Information technologies in logistics and SCM Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM Analytics and reviews



Virtual and augmented reality technologies are one of the innovative areas that contribute to the overall trend of logistics digitalization. This study examines the main technological advances in the field of virtual and augmented reality. The article presents a classification of virtual and augmented reality devices, an overview of solutions available on the market, and a comparison of their characteristics. Based on the analysis of publications of research results and experiments conducted using virtual and augmented reality devices, the main requirements for these devices and promising ways and areas of their application in logistics are identified. The results of the analysis of the experience of using these technologies by Russian and foreign logistics companies are presented, problems and prospects are identified. We also determined problems that prevent the mass implementation of virtual and augmented reality technologies in logistics processes due to the imperfection of devices, software, and the lack of specialists. The advantages that a company can get by implementing virtual and augmented reality technologies in its logistics processes are pinpointed.


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 Keywords:  virtual reality augmented reality logistics innovation digitalization


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