MAGAZINE  №6 (101) December 2020


CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Industrial companies’ corporate logistics Supply chains reliability and sustainability Sourcing Supply chain management




The COVID-19 pandemic severely hit most industries and revealed a number of problems businesses were not prepared for. Manufacturing was one of the most vulnerable industries unlike companies involved in software development. Global lockdown and border closures broke the supply chain of materials and car parts. Car manufacturers and their suppliers were forced to find creative solutions to cope with the situation within a short period of time. The author of this article analyzes the effect of the pandemic on the U.S. vehicle manufacturing – members of the automotive supply chain from suppliers of raw materials to distributors and final consumers in particular. In addition, the author considers positive and negative effects of the government support. Finally, the author suggests several ideas that would make supply chains more flexible and adaptive to serious global issues in the future.

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 Keywords:  supply chain planning procurement suppliers supplier map purchasing power unemployment distribution maketoorder


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