MAGAZINE  №6 (101) December 2020


CATEGORY  Supply chains reliability and sustainability Analytics and reviews Supply chain management



 The conditions of the pandemic have changed many aspects of economic life, including logistics in some areas. In the current situation, people were isolated from offline purchases of certain types of goods, but the need for purchases themselves remained, so the distribution of goods and services on the Internet is actively developing – the fashion industry is considered as an example. In the context of the pandemic, and as a result, a decline in sales and failures in the supply chain, priority logistics tasks for players in this industry are the development of online sales channels and their digitalization; transformation and digitalization of supply chains in order to increase their reliability, reduce the order execution cycle and ensure a quick response to changes in consumer demand. The features and specifics of the fashion industry for effective design and supply chain management in this industry are revealed. The prerequisites, conditions and factors of structural changes in the supply chain in the context of the coronavirus pandemic are determined. The article proposes a transformed model of the supply chain in the fashion industry which responds to the current conditions for the sector functioning and consumer needs.

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 Keywords:   supply chain logistics delivery delay purchase delay online sales offline sales

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