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CATEGORY  Controlling Transportation in logistics Human resource management and motivation



Most companies, including transport ones, represented on the Russian market of logistic services, use a system of employee motivation in their work. Its use is determined by the effectiveness of department employee's work, which positively affects a company's entire financial performance. The selection of the necessary KPI metrics (Key Performance Indicators), their economic feasibility, implementation, their application in the work of the company is a labor-intensive process. From a large number of different performance indicators, it is necessary to single out the main ones that affect the company's performance to the fullest extent.
In this article, using an example of a transport and logistics company with its own fleet, we will consider the formation of a motivation system for company logisticians when a company's fleet is involved in cargo transportation.


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 Keywords: logistics costs management accounting logistic costs management KPI motivation cost reduction

MAGAZINE №2(85) April 2018


Ryzhenkov A.V.

Khludnev А.А.

Sotov V.V. - Head of Corporate Programs and Rating Department, Department of Logistics and Planning, JSC Freight One (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Controlling Logistic service providers


This article determines the system of rating branches for a logistics company based on key performance indicators.

The purpose of rating is to increase the efficiency of branches for a logistics company.

The rating is used as a comparative performance evaluation of the effectiveness of branch units. The ranking is considered through a point system and based on the level of key performance indicators.

The rating is aimed to solve the following problems:

-        to develop measures to meet the targets;

-        to use the best practices of some branches;

-        to improve the execution of key performance indicators alongside with planning system improvement;

-        to develop technologies aimed at reducing costs by making optimal decisions;

-        to improve the quality of service;

-        to motivate and create a competitive environment between branches.

The rating determines both quantitative and qualitative comparative evaluation in order to implement key performance indicator system. Qualitative assessment takes into account priority indicators and the efforts of the branches in their implementation.

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