MAGAZINE  №3 (98) June 2020


CATEGORY  Logistic infrastructure Analytics and reviews Logistic services market Transportation in logistics



Increasing competition in the international market of transport services, due to the accelerated economic growth of the countries of East and South-East Asia and the formation of international transport corridors bypassing Russia make it necessary to create a competitive Maritime transport and logistics infrastructure (MTLI) in the Caspian region, whose favorable geographical location allows realizing the foreign trade and transit potential of cargo transportation through the territory of Southern Russia.
Basing on the systematization of open data, the structural and content characteristics of the components of the following Caspian sea transport and logistics infrastructure is presented: sea ports of Astrakhan, Olya, Makhachkala; water, railway and automobile routes; and sea and water transport.
The study of the marine transport and logistics infrastructure of the Caspian region highlighted the following problems: low capacity utilization of ports, lack of awareness among shippers about the possibilities of a route across the Caspian sea; lack of rolling stock for freight traffic, including grain that can potentially be transported to Iran via Caspian sea ports; high workload of rail access to ports. The conclusion is formulated about the need for accelerated development of the Maritime transport and logistics infrastructure of the Caspian region based on the expansion of the sea ports specialization; construction of new ports in the cities of Kaspiysk and Derbent; development of the multi-modal route India-Iran-Azerbaijan-Russia.


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 Keywords:  transport infrastructure logistics infrastructure maritime infrastructure maritime transport Caspian region comparative analysis international transportation corridors sea port sea transport

MAGAZINE №6 (77) December 2016

AUTHOR  ROZHENKO M.K. - Cand. of Ph. and Math. Sc., expert (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Global logistics projects Logistic infrastructure


The development of the multimodal logistic centers network is one of the basic conditions for further improving the competitiveness of the international supply chains on the territory of Russia. Such network will help to optimize delivery times, use the latest logistics technology and minimize resources spent. In addition, the construction of multimodal logistic centers has advantages for the state - it creates new jobs, increases tax revenues and reduces the environmental load. All of this, as well as the high cost of building the multimodal logistics centers, leads to the fact that such projects are implemented through public-private partnership mechanism. This requires compliance with certain recommendations in order the project to become an effective and successful. Among which two key can be stressed: the maximum support for the project from the state and a clear allocation of responsibilities and risks of the parties. The most frequent German model for the distribution of investment in the multimodal logistic center is shown in the article; the co Multimodal Logistics Centers mparison with two big projects of multimodal logistics centers is provided.



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