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A company's turnover growth and market position expansion are nowadays impossible without substantial innovative and technological changes. Besides, in the conditions of consumer market stagnation it is impossible to increase profitability by increasing product prices, as there is a high risk of losing in competitive fighting. Therefore it is necessary to cut costs and increase productivity.
Searching solutions to these tasks sometimes leads to unconventional results. Here is one of such solutions aimed at partially cutting logistics costs.


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MAGAZINE №4 (81) August 2017


BARABUSHKA A.S. - Chief engineer, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant (Moscow, Russia)

BROM A.E. - Doc.of Tech. Sc., Professor, Department of Industrial Logistics, Faculty Engineering business and management,
Moscow State University Bauman (Moscow, Russia)

SIDELNIKOV I.D. - Deputy Dean, Assistant, Department of Industrial Logistics, Faculty Engineering business and management,
Moscow State University Bauman (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews Industrial companies’ corporate logistics Supply chain management



Production companies and enterprises of the machine-building complex actively implement integrated logistic support systems (ILP), which unite products producers, equipment operators, as well as spare parts and components suppliers in the supply chain (SC).
Nowadays the supply chains cost plays a key role, since it is the area that determines the largest share of the production cost. Such integration is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the SC by reducing costs of each of its participants.
The main problems of supply chains designing for machinebuilding production are investigated in the article. Most developments in this area are based on traditional approaches and do not take into account the specific nature of technical products. But in the organization of material and technical supply (MTS) of complex machine-building products, the design features of a particular product and maintenance in use should be taken into account. The article analyzes the characteristic properties of the equipment objects that affect the efficiency of supply chains. A new approach to distinguishing and formalizing logistics factors is proposed, their interrelation is examined, as well as the connection with the specification of engineering products on examples from the helicopter industry. Taking into account the selected factors could allow creating effective supply chains in the logistics system on the basis of integration of engineering and logistics processes and taking into account their mutual influence in traditional SC models.

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