Using Digital Twins to Monitor FMCG Supply Chains

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MAGAZINE  №3 (98) June 2020


CATEGORY  Controlling Retail companies’ corporate logistics Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM Supply chain management



It is shown that the concept of «Digital Twin» is becoming an increasingly popular method of solving key problems in supply chain management, in particular, when monitoring logistics business processes. A detailed analysis of literary sources and Internet resources on the subject of digital twins is carried out. The basic terminology, the terms of «Digital Twin» and of similar concepts, such as «digital footprint», «digital shadow», «digital thread», are given. The basic properties (characteristics) of digital twins and the advantages obtained by using this concept in supply chains are considered. The methodological aspects of the Digital Twin concept are analyzed both in the academic environment and in the context of the practice of large companies.
It is shown that the problem of monitoring consumer goods can be effectively solved using digital counterparts of the FMCG sector supply chains.
The main variants of the Supply Chain Digital Twin «design» are presented. An FMCG supply chain monitoring system using convergence of digital twins of products and processes in the chain is proposed. An example of the construction of a monitoring system in the supply chain of GHIOTTONE consumer goods using the digital counterparts of the main processes represented by the SCOR model is considered.


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 Keywords:   digital twin supply chain digital transformation monitoring FMCG SCOR

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