№4 (93) August 2019



Focus: Trends and Modern Technologies in Supply Chain Transportation

Main sections:

  • Development of Megalopolis Transport Infrastructure

  • Analysis of Global Supply Chain of Refined Petroleum Products Exporters
  • Digital Transformation of Business Processes in Liner and Container Shipping
  • Innovative Unmanned  Technologies of Cargo Delivery in Logistics

Electronic version


DYBSKAYA V.V., SERGEEV I.V., SERGEEV V.I. Digital Transformation of Retail  Supply Chains 

KLOCHKO O.A., GRIGOROVA A.A. Value Chains Analysis of Refined Petroleum Products Exporters 

ALYMOVSKAYA N.S., LEVINA T.V. Theoretical Aspects of Transport Items Return Management in Supply Chains 


MOROZOVA Y.A. Unmanned Technologies in Logistics: Application Experience, Problems and Prospects 

VOLKOVA E.M., PRIPUZOV-NEVSKIY A.V. Evaluation of Social Effects in Projects of Transport Infrastructure Development in Megacities 

NEGOMEDZYANOV Y.A., NEGOMEDZYANOV G.Y. Providing the Continuity of Main Production in Metallurgy Enterprises under Prepared Materials Supply 

MAYDANOVA S.A., lLYIN I.V. Balanced Scorecard for Global Container Shipping Line Digital Transformation

DEMIN A.S. Specificity of Logistics Management Organizational Structure Development in Multinational Corporations 

MIRONOV V.L. Building Stable Matchings Between Suppliers and Consumers 


GONCHAROVA Y.A., VALEEV R.S., VALEEVA A.F. Vehicle Routing Problem: Overview of Models, Methods and Algorithms. Part 1. 

MISHCHENKO A.V., IVANOVA A.V. Application of Dynamic Model for Managing Assets in a Manufacturing Company on the Example of a Chocolate Factory with Production Programme Robustness Assessment


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