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№4 (75) August 2016 

Focus: Modern tools for supply chain optimization 

Main sections:

  • Supply chains simulation modeling
  • Lean Production – new opportunities for production optimization
  • Logistics Supply: „Make or Buy?“
  • e-Supply Chain Management (e-SCM)


In an open access - archive of articles for the 2011-2014 year (Russian version) 


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Sergei Uvarov


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This issue of our journal concerns the implementation of modern logistic solutions optimization tools in supply chains. The analysis of logistics and supply chain management conditions and development tendencies in world economy shows that the solutions optimization in logistics and SCM is a determinal factor for raising competitive ability opportunities of Russian companies. The optimal logistic solutions in supply chains search allows companies to reduce costs and find new substandard ways to improve business stability in complicated macroeconomic conditions. Those companies, which use modern optimization, integration and coordination methods and apply them both for internal logistic business processes and cooperation with supply chain contractors, achieve outstanding results in the competitive abilities improvement and market position enforcement.



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